Challenges Of Environmental Planning

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South Australia encountered many challenges in its environmental planning over decades due to natural causes, such as: geographical position and climate, and anthropogenic disturbance originated from: urbanization, industrialization, and transportation. There are three key environmental issues that remain vital to be anticipated by the state’s planners for at least the next five years, they are:
a. Climate Change
Chartres and Williams (2006) explain that, based on the climate change projection, there is a tendency of decreasing winter-spring rainfall, as the rainiest period to gather water supplies, over Southern half of the Australia. In addition, the threat of drought brought by El Niño phenomenon might exacerbates
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Thus, this circumstance constructs the less favourable and less sustainable urban form.
c. Lack of social capacity
The lack of dwellers’ engagement is not only because of the government’s desertion, but also because of the lack of social capacity building for the dwellers. It creates the less informed and indifferent urban community who waste their voices which can be used to improve the urban form (Thredgold 2015).
The obsolete urban form with unfavourable and unsustainable condition may eventually diminish the appeal of investment and the competitiveness of the urban itself, and marginalize the dwellers. Furthermore, the threat of emigration, due to this adverse social, economic, and ecological condition, may cause the shortage in the important workforces (Rapoport 2013). Government of South Australia has initiated a bill to reform the planning system in South Australia in order to accomplish the more responsive, and efficient planning system with active dwellers participation (Dobbin 2015). In addition, there are also several survey and dissemination programs conducted by the government to acknowledge the need of the dwellers, raise the awareness and inform the community about the ongoing urban planning programs (Thredgold 2015). Without emphasize on the sustainable environment in the planning reform, however, the eco-friendly urban form will solely rely on the environmental awareness from the urban dwellers and the government to transpire

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