Essay Cervical Cancer As A Public Health Problem For Lesbian Women

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Cervical cancer in the United States is growing to become an alarming public health issue among all women, yet there is a gap in research that looks at correlations between cervical cancer and lesbian women to provide adequate prevention strategies and interventions within the population. This paper will define the lesbian populations, describe the scope of cervical cancer public health issue in the US, and illustrate the extent to which cervical cancer is a public health problem for lesbian women. Lastly, I will choose a health behavioral theory, explain its constructs, and 5) use it to address the public health problem that exists between lesbians and cervical cancer.
The term for same gender loving individuals dates back the 1800s; however, today, society still does not have a universal acceptable term to describe women who have sex with women (WSW). Although we do not have a common definition, sexual orientation consists of three components: behavior, identity, and desire/ attraction. (Ard & Makadon, 2012). A person’s sexual identity may not reflect his or her past or present sexual behaviors or sexual attractions because there are many lesbian-identified woman have engaged sexually with male partners over the course of their lifetime (Waterman & Voss, 2015). Therefore, for the sake of this paper, I define lesbians as women who have a permanent about 3% to 11% of the nation’s females (Gates, 2011). The terms lesbian and women who have sex with women (WSW) will be used…

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