Essay on Censorship And The Danger Of Technology

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Censorship and the Danger of Technology In this day in age, it is truly amazing how easily information from all over the world can be accessed. Using the internet or reading a book one can find answers to any question one may have. If for some reason access to this information was restricted, that would be considered censorship. Many science fiction writers are concerned that censorship could possibly show up in our society in the near future ( When legendary author, Ray Bradbury wrote the novel “Fahrenheit 451”, it is all about governmental censorship. It is written in the third person limited point of view and the genre of this novel is science fiction. In the 1950’s, the United States was dealing with the McCarthy hearings and the aftermath of World War II, which Bradbury used to incorporate in his novel. The central theme in this novel is censorship, so by Bradbury using metaphors and symbols he is able to show the dangers of the government having too much control. Without people in this society communicating with one another and the overabundance of technology it destroys the society of this futuristic U.S. town. In “Fahrenheit 451” the government censorship, causes the people of this society to believe that what is said and done by the government is the only way to be happy and that thinking anything different is a
Seymour 2 crime. The government is afraid that if people are allowed to read they will be able to think for themselves and therefore, take…

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