Celia Behindme Essay

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Celia Behind Me

In an ordinary neighborhood of Canada the story of two girls takes place Elizabeth and Celia. The story is written from Elizabeth’s point of view, the protagonist in the short story. Elizabeth is one among the group of girls that are bullying Celia, because she is different from the rest. Celia suffers from diabetes and are chubby which makes her an easy victim for the rest of the group. Even though she is being mocked and humiliated she keeps following the group, and especially Elizabeth. Elizabeth is kind of chunky and wears glasses, and she has been sucking thumb openly in kindergarten. Elizabeth is a very uncertain girl with a low self-esteem, and the fear of being the next in line has driven her to bully Celia.
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“I knew, deep in my wretched heart, that were it not for Celia I was next in line for humiliation.”
The pursuit of acceptance and admiration from the group all fell to the ground when the incident with Sandra occurred. Sandra is the rich girl from fourth grade, whom the other girls look up to and admire. Sandra tells Elizabeth that she cannot have a piece of chocolate, and is offering Celia the last piece instead of her. Celia then tells her that she cannot eat chocolate and the situation evolves. “No, no, no!” Jered Sandra then. “Suckybabies can’t have sweets either. Di-a-beet-ics and Suck-y-ba-bies can’t eat chocolate.” The classmates laughed at Celia and Elizabeth and then turned their backs on them.
The incident made Elizabeth realize that her position in the group is weak. Not only did Sandra bring her old nickname back from the dead, but also she had been identified with Celia. Her worst nightmare has come true.
“I made my way cautiously to the fringe of her group, where many of my classmates were receiving their bits of sweet chocolate, letting it melt on their tongues like dark communion wafers”
The quote is a metaphor for the Christian ritual “Eucharist”. Jesus gave his Christian disciples bread as a sign of acceptance. Sandra is performing a similar ritual by giving her “disciples” the chocolate as a sign of acceptance. She has the function of a leader

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