Celia, A Slave : A Of Slavery And Injustice Essay

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Celia, A slave: A trip to Slavery and Injustice
The book Celia, A slave, by Melton A. McLaurin is an interpretation of one incident that depicted common slave fear prior to the Civil War in the United States. The author uses the account of the young female slave that was constantly struggling with rape and injustice 's hardship, that can be extremely violent in today 's naïve society. The story of Celia offers important insights on how the gender and racial oppression left the female slaves powerless to sexual exploitation of their owners. The topic of slavery was so narrowly avoided by everyone because it was too delicate of a situation to be handled. Not handling the growing issue of slavery, caused the United States to crumble and divide this nation into two.
Celia was only 14 years old when she was bought by Robert Newsom in 1850. Her previous life is completely unknown. Prior to arriving in Callaway county, she had lived in Audrain county just as a slave owned by someone else. Her owner, Robert Newsom, was a well-respected Missouri farmer and a self-sufficient Yeoman farmer. The author describes him as the "Jeffersonian dream", who had labored and endured much for the measure of prosperity he achieved. The state of Missouri was a slave state and Callaway county quickly became one of the state 's leading slaveholding counties. The slave population made up approximately 40 percent of the county 's population.
Robert Newsom bought Celia as a replacement for his wife who…

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