Causes And Treatments Of Curing Cancer Essay

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Twenty years ago , in the year 2030 I cured cancer. Curing cancer ended up major step in decreasing death around the world, but what really motivated me was my friend Brendon. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2026, his condition got worse and worse to the point that he got hooked up to life support. I couldn 't see him in that state, it brought me to tears so I decided to take action.
All these commercials, cancer fundraisers/campaigns never got anywhere. All they were doing was getting fund money for the research for a cure, but nothing was happening. I wasn 't satisfied the with the researchers results, getting all that money yet they’re finding treatments and not a definite cure. So I began the cure from scratch looking at a possible way to minimize or at least reverse the cancer cells to its original/normal state. To further continue my research I traveled around the world looking for possible sources in order to find more valuable solutions. My first stop was South America, stopping by local villages I discovered of a potential candidate for the cure it was a fruit called Guyabano or Soursop. The locals say that its seeds contain Annonacin, which sounded promising but some lab reports concluded that regular consumption caused brain lesions consistent with Parkinson 's. It 's also reported to block mitochondrial complex which ultimately forcing a cell to die. So Guyabano/Soursop was out of the question , I didn 't want my cure to make people sick because of…

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