Cause And Effect Paper On Stereotyping

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Emily Walther
Mr. Pokorny
English Composition
Cause and effect paper
Stereotyping, which in certain instances, can be good or bad depending on the situation. It 's something people have integrated into their Jokes at school, how feel about others, and how they interact with others. Sometimes it’s an unconscious reaction to others, it’s a defense mechanism of sorts. The main issue with stereotyping is that it’s a generalization of a group, not an individual. Everyone is there own person with their own personality which is unique to themselves. Just as you have your own personality so do they so don’t judge too quickly. Especially if you don’t know said individual on a personal level it’s rash to judge with no supporting evidence. Everyone has fallen victim of stereotyping and even if they deny it everyone has stereotyped others. It’s an issue that spans the world and can be solved easily and yet it continues every day.
The catalyst of stereotyping could have come from many places, though major influences on those places is the media, it portrays stereotyping on social media, the news, movies, and other ways as well, but often times people learn from their peers. Most stereotypes are determined by appearances; the way groups, culture, or genders look and act are very different from each other. Appearances are a major part in stereotyping because certain groups have looks that are commonly found in a certain race or region. When a person sees someone or a group…

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