Essay on `` Cathedral `` By Raymond Carver

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In the short story, “Cathedral”¸ written by Raymond Carver, the narrator is a middle-aged man who is very judgmental towards a blind man, however, as the story develops, the reader comes to the realization that “[The blind man] sees how to get along with others... by contrast, the narrator, although sighted, does not see how his isolation damages himself, his wife, and their relationship (Bloom, 47).” This story has a biased view towards the blind man because it is told in the first person view from the narrator’s eyes, but as it progresses, his views on the blind man and his life change completely. (Bloom, 47)
“Cathedral” is a short story with many allegories throughout the story. In the story, the narrator, a regular married man, learns that a blind man is coming to visit his house. This blind man is an old friend of his wife. From the beginning of the story, the narrator was unenthused about having a blind man in his home. He then tells the reader about his wife’s past, including her previous engagement to a young sailor, her suicide attempt, and how she worked for the blind man nearly 10 years ago. He described how she showed him a poem that she had written about the experience of the blind man touching her face, which she describes as “something really important.” The narrator also says that his wife and the blind man frequently sent each other tapes. Later, the reader finds out that the reason that the blind man is visiting because his wife, Beulah, had recently passed…

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