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No Casinos Toronto Campaign

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No Casinos Toronto Campaign

Conflict expansion is the incorporated use of advocacy and lobbying, in an attempt to influence legislation changes. In the No Casinos Toronto Campaign, the advocacy groups employed conflict expansion to carry out the course. The groups ensured that most individuals in Toronto are aware of the campaign, and what it entails. They also coerced councilors to make legislation in opposition of the intended casino in the city. In their campaign, the advocacy groups ensured that councilors did not have a wide room for voting in favor of the casino. Conflict expansion is the rigorous use of lobbying and advocacy to
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Dispatching information that the mega-casino would cannibalize other business, as people will prefer going to the casino over to other hotels and restaurant, was a catchy bit for the business fraternity. The business fraternity took the casino issue as theirs, fighting against it passionately (Barber, 2012).

This bit of information was a catch on the public since these are the issues that affect every individual in modern cities; the idea that a business that will worsen these issues is not welcome to all city dwellers. The advocacy groups expanded the casino problem, to include other issues that affect the public, igniting the public to voice their opposition. The advocacy part of the expansion campaign was to influence the public to view the casino as a problem source in Toronto city. The issue of information concerning how the casino would cause a traffic gridlock made the public hate the idea of the casino opening. People hate being held in traffic; therefore, there is no way they would welcome the business that would worsen the current traffic problem.

The advocacy groups used both direct contacts with the councilors and public opinion pressure to getting the councilors voting against the mega-casino. Launching an online No Casinos Toronto Campaign was the last blow that saw the councilors vote the casino out. Apart from the

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