Casey At The Bat Is A Poem About Baseball That Was By Ernest L. Gilman

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Casey at the Bat is a poem about baseball that was by Ernest L. Thayer. The format is a sonnet where there are 4 lines in each stanza. The rhyme scheme for this poem is “AA BB”. This is a traditional scheme for a ballad. This poem is like a miniature story since it adds dialogue from characters in the poem. I really enjoy this poem since it adds a sense of excitement into what will happen when Casey goes up. This poem makes me feel a bit nostalgic since I read this poem in my first year of High School. We would have to do worksheets on analyzing the poem such as the rhyme scheme or the vocabulary. To an Athlete Dying Young was written in 1896 by A.E. Houseman. The rhyme scheme in this poem is a bit different. The words seen in the poem may seem to rhyme but some do not. For example, the second stanza, the ending words for the first two lines are “come” and “home”. Those two words do not rhyme at all but spelled as if they would. This poem makes me think of a friend I had in my sophomore year of High School. He was an athlete and passed very quickly from an accident. He passed when offered a scholarship to go play for USC Columbia. I remember him being excited in my physical science class and was jumping up and down in pure joy. He like the main character in the poem was at the peak of their career.

Robert Francis wrote two poems involving baseball. The first one I am going to talk about is “The Base Stealer”. There is only one stanza with ten lines in it. There…

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