Case Study of the Great Lakes Essay

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Case 11: Great Lakes: Great Decisions Report
Jessita Herriott
Mr. Bill Loelius
Bus. 499 (Senior Seminar)
October 20, 2010

Great Lakes’ Immediate, impending, and Invisible Competitors and How G.L. Measure’s Up Great Lake’s bad public relations image is its only immediate, impending and invisible competitor. The industry environment that Great Lakes is situated in is one that is characterized by global market shifts and pressures. At the moment, Great Lakes does not have any competition from possible competitors such as Ethyl Corporation, or Dow Chemical. However, they are beginning to receive criticism from the press on a global scale that is affecting their company’s image. If their corporate image is affected, then they are bound
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As a result, Innospect began work on other fuel additives and specialty chemicals in its plants. According to one of their chief executives at Innospect, the additives that they are working on “include products that improve vehicles' fuel efficiency and assist reductions in particulate and sulphur emissions”, (All Business, 2008). In the U.S. the American Company Ethyl, along with the U.K.’s Innospect is still selling leaded gas in the developing world, and appear to be the only companies in the media headlines because they are two of the largest companies in the additives industry in the Western world. In the U.S. the lead additives industry does not have any rivalry from competing firms because other firms are in fear of government regulation and also federal and multinational watchdogs. This fear of regulation keeps the industry out of the developing world, but it does not stop this industry from functioning. As a result, the countries that have access to resources to fuel this industry have huge bargaining power because they are the only suppliers in this arena. In 2008, Innospec was fined almost 12million dollars because they were found guilty of bribing middle eastern countries in order to buy the lead additive, (Leigh, Evans, Mahmood, 2010). The rich deposits in the middle east gives it the power to leverage the price that they want to set for

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