Case Study Of Taiwan

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Register to read the introduction… Taiwan Today website announced that Council of Labor Affairs endorsed that foreign labours can work up to 12 years as compared to three years in 2011. This will also generate more confidence in foreign employees and help to boost work performance, less time to train foreign workers, less conflicts and lower employee turnover. Ernst & Young has published in the report that Ministry of Finance in Taiwan has been trying to reduce the taxation policies in the country by reducing corporate income tax to 17 percent and income tax to 20 percent. These rates are considerably low compared to other Asian Pacific Countries like Japan consists of 30 percent corporate tax and 40 percent income tax. The table below summarizes the tax rates in Asia Pacific …show more content…
Companies in Taiwan such as Taiwan Mobile Co, Chunghwa Telecom Co and HTC merging and trying to introduce lower priced smart phones (around $335), in order to gain more market share and increase social living of the country. With 23 million populations, internet users in Taiwan reach more than 16 million users which provide evidence of potential users of smartphones for social or other means of online telecommunications. BuddeComm, research and consultancy website has forecasted that 20 million 3G subscribers going into 2012 which is great prospective for smpartphone producing companies to make a further move to launch newer and better ways to improve lifestyles. BBC news stated that Taiwan softened its rules for China for technological sectors with 10 percent of ownership rights. Certain barriers are still been implemented by Ministry of Economic Affairs only allowing investors to hold up to 50 percent of stake in joint venture corporations for less sensitive technologies sectors such as automobile and plastics. Taiwan is well-built on chips and liquid-crystal-display making companies and strongly protects itself from Chinese rival companies. Since the price competition is tight in Taiwan, to continue to gain share in international markets, they are looking for alternative and new ways to improve the current …show more content…
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