Case Study: Bank of America Essay

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Assignment 1: Bank of America Case Study

Sylvia Armstrong

Dr. Marie-Line Germain

HRM 532 – Talent Management

January 22, 2012

1. Outline the talent management program that led to success for the company.

Bank of America has always been a leader in the financial services industry. Its

philosophy of talent management and development is driven by seven guiding principles that create a mindset that is pervasive across the bank’s executive ranks. They are:

1. Leaders really do matter in managing and driving accountability, results and culture.

2. Performance rules: Top performers, then high potentials

3. Talent is an
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The evaluation of talent management, its specific practice areas, and its output, quality and depth of talent must be an ongoing activity and priority to ensure its value as a key contributor to the organization’s strategic priorities. The primary challenge was to make the evaluation approach strategic, in terms of measuring long term outcomes, and also design the approach to produce actionable data in the short term. To achieve these objectives and provide an overall picture of Bank of America’s health of the bench, they developed a set of fundamental evaluation questions that guided the development of metrics for the indices. (Wellins, Smith, and Rogers, 2006). Some of the questions they ask are: 1) how effective is Bank of America in hiring, developing, and retaining talent. 2). What is the quality of Bank of America’s leadership development efforts: How effective are the programs in preparing leaders to assume larger and more complex roles? 3). What impact does the strategy of deepening and diversifying the talent bench have on existing leaders and on leaders who are new to Bank of America? 4). What is the value of Bank of America’s selection, development, and retention efforts considering the investment of time, money, and other resources. The creation of a logic map was helpful in making the evaluation strategic. The map entitled, Bank of America Talent Management Evaluation Logic Model.

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