Essay about Case Study At Reed & Associates

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Hello Mr. Reid, since we last meet I have since been able to come up with three potential business options that will be able to suite you the best at Reed & Associates. Based on your given situation of being married with children I feel as though starting an LLC, C Corp, or S-Corp are all very viable options that can take your business to the next level on just about every aspect. Since you are currently running as a General Partnership though I will also take you through some options that are available for you if you decide to stay in operation as such so you will know your full arrangement of choices available for you.

As I see it Reid & Associates staying as it currently is as a general partnership has some pros and cons as it is right now. Choosing to stay right as you are relieves you of the duty of filing another partnership agreement between you Mr. Hart and Mr. Agee even though they are generally not much work in this particular type of business to form. A general partnership method works best when you are in a field that relies on each of the partner’s unique individual skillsets to make the company grow and succeed as a whole. You can look at this as a specialization of ownership view with each person specializing in their particular area of expertise there becomes a lesser chance of a position in the partnership where the one currently running said position is unqualified is his or her field. As you already are aware your situation as a general partnership makes…

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