Case Study : ' A Golfer With ' The Q School Golf Tour Competition '

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Facts of the Case: A golfer with Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome wanted to enter into a tournament and requested an accommodation to use a golf cart during the third round that was denied. Under Title III of the American with Disabilities Act, public businesses must provide accommodations and make modifications for people with disabilities, unless that accommodation would “fundamentally alter the nature” of the business. Casey Martin’s lawyers argued that, by Title III of the ADA, the Q-School golf tour competition cannot deny Martin equal access and must give him reasonable accommodations. They stated that golf courses are a public accommodation, and that the golf tour and qualifying rounds fall under Title III’s coverage. Using a golf cart during the third round would not “fundamentally alter the nature” of the third stage of the Q-school. Also, the reason the golf carts are taken away during the third round is to cause fatigue, and Martin already faces more fatigue than other competitors without the use of the golf cart. Not only this, but it would also be impossible to make sure that all golfers play under the same conditions and only their ability will help them win.
Decisions (holdings): The court decided that Martin should be permitted to use a golf cart during the third round, and every other round, of the Q-School tournament.
Reasoning (rationale): The court mentioned that any member of the public is allowed to participating in the Q-school by paying 3,000…

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