Essay on Case Analysis : ' V. Rich ' Semployees Credit Union '

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Title and Citation
Facts of the Case
This case is about a check was accidently sent to the wrong address, and the check was illegal cashed by someone that it was not intended for. According to the case, it is about Carolyn Hartsock whom received settlement payments from Prudential Reinsurance Company. After receiving her settlement, she sold one of her lump sum payments of $60, 096 to Singer Asser Finance Company, LLC. She wanted Prudential to send the payment to Singer Asset Finance Company, LLC post office box in New Jersey. Prudential issues the check, but Singer Assert Finance Company, LLC never received it.
According to the case, after the check was issued, the check was changed to be made payable to a woman named Ann McCardy in Marietta, Georgia. Once McCardy received the check she deposited the check into her back account at Rich’s Employees Credit Union. McCardy then withdrew all the money from her accounts and her whereabouts are unknown. Hartsock and Singer sued Rich’s Employees Credit Union, Prudential, McCardy, and others. “The trial court granted summary judgment to Rich’s and Wachovia on the conversion and conspiracy claims, but denied summary judgement as to claims for attorney fees and punitive damages” ( “Summary judgment is proper when there is no genuine issue of material fact and the movant is entitled to judgement as a matter of law” ( Since Singer never received…

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