Case Analysis : The, California, By The Hearst Museum Of Anthropology At Uc University

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Case #2 is from a site in in Oakley, California, formally entitled CA-CCO-138, Hotchkiss site. Remains and materials from the excavation are now being held at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology at UC Berkeley. This case depicts a male (Phenice: 1969). It is possible the individual is anywhere between the ages of 19-34 years old based on the phasing of his pubic symphysis (Phase II, 19-34, Brooks and Suchey: 1990) and the phasing of the auricular surface (Phase II-III 25-34, Lovejoy et. al: 1985). It is estimated that the individual stood approximately 151.8 centimeters tall (4 feet 9 inches) (Auerbach and Ruff: 2009). This measurement was analyzed by using the femoral bicondylar length (FBL) and the tibial maximum length (TML) to obtain the individual 's stature with the least amount of error (1.44%).
Noted in the case report given is a large osseous growth in the left area of his nasal passage. Also noted is tooth wear and carious lesions, one lesion is associated with a periapical abscess. Though it seems that there is little correlation between poor dental health and the osseous nasal growth. Also, in the photographs provided the teeth of the individual are not clearly visible and cannot be thoroughly analyzed. The growth, however, is very clearly visible in all the photographs provided.
The growth seems to be some sort of attachment to the superior nasal concha of the ethmoid bone. The growth is large and had been a part of the individual for a very long because…

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