Case Analysis : Frank Jude 's ' Death Of Stealing One Of Ficers '

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In 2004, Frank Jude was beaten by three off-duty police officers, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after being falsely accused of stealing one of the officers’ wallet. Frank Jude was punched and kicked repeatedly and then stabbed in the ear with a pen. In 2005, Robert Davis, a retired elementary school teacher from New Orleans, Louisiana was arrested and severely beaten by four police officer because a on duty officer suspected that he was publicly intoxicated. He was then attacked by all four officers who later stated that he wasn’t cooperating and resisted arrest. Those allegations were later disproved by a by-stander who was also assaulted for videotaping the incident. In 2014 in Staten Island, New York Eric Garner was approached by a New York police officer, who suspected that Garner was selling cigarettes. The officer then tried to arrest him and Garner yanked his arm away. The arresting officer proceeded to put Garner in a “chokehold”. The officer then held the chokehold for more than 20 seconds and in result of that length Eric Garner lost his life. Police Brutality and their use of excessive force is a rising issue in America. The law is deemed to help and protect and serve the community, but lately that hasn’t been the case. I will be discussing what is considered police brutality and excessive force and if either action is needed. I will be exploring who is mostly affected my Police Brutality, whether it is a certain race, gender or both. I will discuss if the government…

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