Essay on Carl Sandburg : Poet Of The People

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Diana Kim
Mrs. Awad
English 12
26 February 2014

Carl Sandburg: Poet of the People

As a spokesperson for average, everyday people, Carl Sandburg was a gifted poet who captured the spirit of industrial America. Sandburg, who is a son of Swedish immigrants, was born and raised in Galesburg, Illinois. Forced to go work at an early age because of poverty, Sandburg spent six years working at a variety of jobs as he attended school on an irregular basis. Although he enrolled at Lombard College, he left school shortly before his graduation and spent several years traveling around the country, again working at diverse jobs. From his adolescence to adulthood, Sandburg experienced hard conditions of working class in America. In 1913 he settled in Chicago, where he worked as a newspaper reporter. He began publishing poetry criticizing American industrialization (Prentice Hall 892). Carl Sandburg made excellent use of free verse, tone, and figurative language in his poems, “The People, Yes”, “I Am the People, the Mob”, “At a Window”, and “Child of the Romans” to sympathize with the sorrow and injustice experienced by the working class in America during his lifetime.
Growing up in a poor family, Sandburg worked a lot of jobs, so he understood the challenges that workers faced and the hopes for their lives, so his most poems claim a voice for working class life. An excerpt from, his poem, “The People, Yes”, was published at the height of the Great Depression, he was inspired to write it…

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