Carl Rogers And The Fundamentalist Religious Home Essay

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Carl Rogers was “born in Chicago, IL Jan 8, 1902” (deCarvalho, 2010) into a “fundamentalist religious home” (Rogers, 1980, p. 27). Growing up, Rogers did not have any close friends in elementary school or high school, which he attributed to his home environment (Rogers, 1980, p. 28-29). His first real experience of comradery came when he went to the College of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin where he “almost immediately joined a group of fellows that met in a YMCA class” (Rogers, 1980, p.30). Two years later, Rogers shifted his major to History and moved over to the College of Letters and Science (Rogers, 1980, p. 30). While attending college Rogers met Helen Elliot and after four years of dating, they were married in 1924 and went on to have two children (Rogers, 1980; DeCarvalho, 2010).
Rogers attended graduate school at Union Theological Seminary in NY, but he was “starting to get turned off by academic courses in religion” (Rogers, 1980, p. 32). Inspired by Dr. Goodwin Watson’s “Working with young people” course, Rogers realized that he wanted to work closely with people and “shifted to the Teachers College of Columbia University, where he began work in clinical psychology” (Rogers, 1980, p. 32). Rogers was influenced by William Heard Kilpatrick who exposed him to the thinking of John Dewey, and Dr. Leta Hollingworth who “suffused her teachings with the warmth of her personality” (Rogers, 1980, p. 33). In 1928, Carl Rogers became a child…

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