Carbon Dioxide Concentration Was Measured At Various Air Sampling Sites

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Carbon dioxide concentration was measured at various air sampling sites representing different kinds of land use pattern in Pantnagar and surrounding areas. Based on the observation taken during October 2008 to April 2009, during most of the sampling weeks, vehicular site (Rudrapur bus station) witnessed the highest CO2 concentration (381.61 ppmv) followed by the industrial site (373.59 ppmv) At Livestock and residential sites, the average CO2 concentration was found to be 366.87 and 366.66 ppmv, respectively. On diurnal basis, lowest CO2 concentration was observed in afternoon hours.
Key words: carbon dioxide concentration, vehicular, industrial, residential, livestock

Climate change arising due to the increasing concentration of various greenhouse gases of anthropogenic origin has emerged as a serious global environmental concern and posses a threat and challenge to mankind. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas present in the atmosphere. The global warming due to infra red active gases like O3, CFCs, CH4, N2O etc. is collectively as much as that due to CO2 alone (Jain et al.1). Accurate knowledge of the behaviour of its concentrations is thus vital to establish its effect on living beings. From the ice core records, it has been found that the pre-industrial concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was around 280 ppmv, which has reached up to 379 ppmv during 2005. It exceeds by far the natural range over the last 6,50,000 years…

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