Capote 's Cold Blood With The Accounts From The Murderers And Investigators Of The Clutter Family

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Truman Capote wrote the nonfiction novel In Cold Blood with the accounts from the murderers and investigators of the Clutter family. While reading this novel, readers learn about the virtues of the Clutter family. Whenever the Clutter family’s life is examined, the family’s kind and charitable nature manifests. As long as the Clutter family lives, the members remain involved in the community and never turn down a chance to help others. As Capote grew up, he found himself neglected by his mother and father. Because his mother and father often neglected him, he spent much of his young life with his mother’s relatives. While Capote was young, his mother often made fun of him for being “different” from other children. Although Capote faced many hardships throughout his early life, he was able to overcome them and attain a successful writing career. Because Capote’s strength came from himself, he has the mindset that the benevolence of a family does not determine the nature of actions that occur to the members. In In Cold Blood, Truman shares this outlook on family with readers. Throughout In Cold Blood, Truman Capote utilizes the beneficence and innocence of the Clutter family to contrast with the characters of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith; Capote reveals the murderers’ contemptible morality through their criminality, remorse, and confessions. Truman Capote displays the true nature of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith through their criminality. When Dick first learns of the…

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