Essay on Capitalist Globalization Creates A Global Division

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Capitalist Globalization creates a global division as it acts to emphasize the already existing division whereby labourers are exploited, this exploitation now becomes borderless as free trade agreements and other laws are being constructed to encourage this development on an existing system. “If I work in a factory and the owners decide to move overseas to be able to pay their workers less…” (Kaufman, 54) this is what capitalist globalization encourages. And “because the productive resources are owed privately, wealthy individuals can make the bulk of important social decisions for others... they get to decide where there will be jobs and what kind of jobs they will be.” (Kaufman, 53-54) What this does is it opens the doors for large companies to relocate various aspects of the production chain in different country, allowing them to create products at minimum cost of production. So instead of the entire chain of production being done in one ideal location, we find different locations for the various parts of production. What this does is that is opens up other countries’ labourers to abuse by the capitalist regime. The factory floor is now located everywhere as oppose to one specific location. This then creates an even wider gap between labourers and capitalist who without conscience harvest their labour at the lowest possible cost. This only lowers the poverty lines, and makes it even less plausible for those engaged in labour to every ascend the hierarchy and become…

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