Essay about Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is a widely controversial topic, and depending on the country, state, and religion, positions on the matter vary. Capital Punishment, also referred to as execution, or the death penalty, is defined as the government authorized killing of someone that has been convicted of a capital crime. In California, the following are considered Capital Crimes; “first-degree murder with special circumstances; sabotage; train wrecking causing death; treason; perjury causing execution of an innocent person; fatal assault by a prisoner serving a life sentence.” Public executions have been a long lasting tradition in our history. The first documented execution in California was in April 1878, when four Native Americans were shot for plotting a murder. Executions were continuously performed prior to the California Supreme Court case of People v. Anderson, which decided that the death penalty was in violation of the state Constitution (Death Penalty Information Center). Many countries have revoked the death penalty over the years. Currently, capital punishment is permitted in 31 states, California being one of them (National Conference of State Legislatures). Although many people believe the death penalty is the correct way to punish individuals for their crimes, the system is very flawed; therefore, the death penalty should be abolished because it does not serve an important purpose, it is immoral, the costs outweigh the benefits.
First off, historical records show that…

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