Capital Punishment And Its Effect On Society Essay

1083 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Capital punishment is an ongoing issue in our society. The 8th amendment was annexed into the amendments because many individuals received and endured such harsh punishment,such as getting shot up by a fire squad, hanged, beaten, and much more. The 8th amendment limits such harsh death or crucial penalties of those accused of a crime. However, as our society continues to expand and progress, the law is being taken for granted. Our society learned to adopted new forms of capital punishment to exercise which include lethal shot and the electric chair although it is banned in countless states throughout the country. However, the 8th amendment is not executed and exercised properly, and this has been seen on many occasions. The Constitution created three branches of government for a specific purpose. These branches are used to carry out, create, and interpret the law of the land. The legislative branch is used to carry out the law, the executive branch creates the laws, and lastly the judicial branch interprets the law. However, in recent years, the judicial branch has not interpreted the law in its proper way. Throughout the years as science has expanded, we have been able to access information that helps us understand the human mind. In the article "The Failure of Mitigation", the article discusses the various mental conditions that individuals have been diagnosed with when they have committed a capital crime. On various occasions, many of them have been…

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