Camera Lens Of Humanity : Human 's Decision Making Power Essay

776 Words Feb 1st, 2016 4 Pages
Camera Lens of Humanity Human’s decision-making power has been lost; that power has been taken over by society – that remains what is controlling what individuals desire now. Instead of paying attention to personal desires, individuals are basing their cravings on the desires of others. The prevalent culture has individuals focusing more on purchasing the newest upgrade rather than appreciating what they already own; they must own the latest technology or fashion statement. People remain programmed to only desire objects or even individuals when other parties request the same. Individuals need to remember to chase their own desires instead of chasing those of others. This is not a new revelation for our society, however, has been inbred in us; as children, they remain disinterested in a toy until another child showed attention toward the toy. Considering they are brought up this way, it has produced a society that is consistently chasing after each other’s desires, yet forget what they crave in the process. Before another child showed interest in the toy, they were content playing with something else; yet switched their interested based on the desires of the other child. Although this happens to be a simple analogy, there remains a deep lesson imbedded in it. Individuals need to realize there was a reason they did not desire the toy in the first place. Maybe they have no usage for it anymore, it is starting to break, or there is an improvement for us individually,…

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