Cambio de Armas Essay

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Cambio de armas
The theme in which is constantly shown throughout the novel is the concept of self identity. Identity is a state of mind in which one identifies his or her character traits in addition to one’s idea of being. Identity indicates one’s mental, emotional and physical image of which they depict themselves to be. It also refers to the construction of individual and society's characteristics by which we are symbolized and recognized as to who we are. The concept of self identity is used in many books and novels in order to tie the reader to the story. This is done in a way that the write creates a character with a loss of self identity that will then allow the reader to relate to. The theme of identity is often expressed in
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As the story progresses however, the reader is able to see a different side to their relationship. Laura feels unsafe as well as confuse with Rogue. Their relationship does not consist of communication and honesty. It is as though Rogue is overbearing in addition to keeping a big secret. At certain times in the novel, she feels as if he is exploiting her to ‘One’ and ‘Two’ outside of the door. It is included in the notes that were given with the novel that Laura might suffer from Stockholm syndrome. The Stockholm syndrome took its name after an incident that occurred in Stockholm, Sweden. This incident occurred when bank employees were held hostage in a vault for a period of time. After which, they did not feel any hate against their offenders but rather they felt gratitude. Research addressing the suffering of victims has revealed how women dealt with situations that are similar by denying treats and being emotionally withdrew. Their actions merely became a form of psychological survival. In some cases, there is minimal anger towards the victimizer. Other cases consist of positive feeling towards the offender. The feelings that are positive include sympathizing with the victimizer, having admiration for them and even having feelings for their victimizer. Laura and Rogue have a form of relationship throughout the novel that clearly confirmed how she suffered from such a syndrome. The third concept is False Identity in which

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