Business Environment Essay

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Business Environment of China

Unawareness is a state that results due to lack of attention or knowledge concerning a particular aspect. Usually, it may result due to forgetfulness or may as a result of unconsciousness. As a result, it causes one to have limited information about one self or the surrounding. In most cases, nescience is often confused with denial which is the inability to cope with a stressful circumstance psychologically. In most social life the lack of knowledge can cause huge loss to individuals and the society in general. Medically nescience is associated with various illnesses and may result in increase of certain behavior such as denial and violent behaviors. This essay will discuss the negative implications
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However, while this aspect of nescience can be considered to play a positive role in one’s life, it may have negative impact too. For instance, the lack of knowledge may cause people to be angry with themselves because they don’t understand why they are unable to live independently. Nescience can cause an individual to feel they are being discriminated mainly because they do not understand why people do not allow them to perform certain activities. Unawareness of certain social principles can result to people promoting social evil and crimes in the society. For instance lack of adequate information about human rights in a society results to the increase of social crimes such as human trafficking and child labor.

On safety issues it can result into huge losses. In workplaces, awareness of safety measures for instance lowers the level of accidents at the institution. Mostly safety the lack of information at workplace is contributed by negligence of the people at the top levels. At any given work place the top management should play a key role in educating the workers about safety.

In conclusion, unawareness whether as a result of forgetfulness or unconsciousness should be discouraged in all aspects of life. Socially, nescience can promote crimes such as human trafficking and child labor. Medically, the lack of knowledge contributes to untimely deaths especially in certain medical conditions such as hypoglycemia. In addition, nescience may make a

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