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BUS 508 Final Exam 100% Corrects Answers Question 1 Tactical planning is primarily the responsibility of ________. Question 2 Management is the process of achieving ________ through people and other resources. Question 3 A written explanation of an organization’s business intentions and aims is called a(n) ________. Question 4 The set of relationships that indicates who gives directions to whom and who
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Question 17 The marketing strategy that focuses on the precise way a B2B purchaser will use a product is known as _______________. Question 18 Standardization would be most appropriate for all of the following products except ______. Question 19 Developing and maintaining long-term, cost-effective exchange relationships with individual customers, suppliers, employees, and other partners for mutual benefit characterizes ________. Question 20
________ utility is created when the business firm converts raw materials into finished goods and services.
Question 21
American Express is an effective brand name because it ________.
Question 22
Jan takes her car to Oil Express for an oil change. This is an example of a(n) ________.
Question 23
In which stage of the product life cycle do competitors enter the field with similar offerings?
Question 24
In a process called ________, products pass through a series of stages from their initial appearance to their decline.
Question 25
A combination of product lines represents a company’s ________. Question 1
Mailing out samples is particularly useful in promoting ________.
Question 2
Business costs that remain change with the level of production are called ________ costs.
Question 3
The process of finalizing a sale is the ________.
Question 4
In breakeven analysis, the costs that change with

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