Essay about Burial Types Of Green Burial

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Have you ever thought about how you were going to be preserved when you died? When most people think about death (and its usually never in their 20’s or 30’s) they think about the two biggest options. cremation or burial (thinking those are the only 2 options).

However, there are many options other than cremation or burial in a mosque or in a coffin in the ground, there are also burial types that are considered as green burials. A green burial also known as a natural burial is a burial type that has minimal environmental impact and that aids in the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of carbon emissions. Green burial has a lot of great benefits that a normal burial does not such as; keeping funeral home workers healthier (by using formal hide free fluids and non-toxic biodegradable essential oils to embalm the deceased instead of the harmful traditional chemicals that are often used) and keeping the environment healthier (by not emitting carbon emissions)

Consequently, in order for a burial to be considered as a green burial it has to meet at least 2 requirements; 1.) the container or shape in which the deceased is buried has to be non-toxic and biodegradable and 2) everything within the burial has to be made up of materials that do not unnecessarily destroy a habitat.

An example of this that I have recently seen was on Facebook and it was about the possibility of being turned into a tree when you die, which is not only organic but biodegradable. In this…

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