Bullying : The Causes, Consequences, And Prevention Essay

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Bullying: The Causes, Consequences, and Prevention
Kids see bullying everyday. They want to help but they do not know how to avoid thinking they might suffer from repercussions. Today, kids need to be taught to be more than a bystander. Bullying is defined as an unwanted aggressive behavior among school aged children that involve a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying is a repeated behavior over time, that leads both the kids who bully others and are the victims of bullying to have serious lasting psychological problems. Numerous organizations and schools have made multiple prevention plans to stop bullying. Kids learn there are consequences for their actions. There is an analogy involving a jig-saw puzzle describing the “whole picture” of bullying, the causes and effects, is fully revealed only when the small pieces are all put together. Bullying has many causes, many consequences, and many prevention routes.
Bullying is defined as an imbalance of power and kids who bully use their power physically with strength, to gain popularity or to embarrass others just to gain control and harm others. Bullying includes spreading rumors, attacking someone verbally or physically, making threats, and even excluding someone from a group on purpose. With the tremendous growth of technology, the awareness of cyber bullying has become a much more concerning and prevalent issue in todays society. Cultural roots, philosophical perspectives, and theories have encouraged…

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