Bulimia Nervos An Invisible Eating Disorder Essay

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The disorder I decided to write my paper on is bulimia nervosa. In the textbook, bulimia nervosa is described as an invisible eating disorder because patients are either normal weight or overweight. It is explained as recurrent episodes of binge eating and inappropriate compensatory behavior. Binge eating is when a person over eats in a shorter period of time than most people would normally. Binge eating is also known as the lack of control over eating. There are two types of binge eating one is subjective binge eating which is described by eating a small amount of food. Then there is objective binge eating, which is described as eating comparatively large amount of food that is known to be out of control. The pattern of binge eating various it can range from occasionally to a few times a week to 20 or 30 times per day. Once per week for 3 months is a threshold for diagnosis of bulimia nervosa. An inappropriate compensatory behavior is explained in the textbook as any actions that a person uses to counteract a binge or to prevent weight gain. The behaviors consist of self induced vomiting, fasting and exercise. In the DSM-IV the criteria for bulimia nervosa suggests that the occurrence is around 1 to 3% for women and 0.1 to 0.5% for men. Individuals born after 1960 are at greater risk for the disorder. People with bulimia nervosa share some personality features with those who have anorexia nervosa such as perfections and low self esteem. Difference also exists between the…

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