Bulimi A Psychological Disorder Essay

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Bulimia is a severe psychological disorder that affects 1.5 percent of women and .5 percent of men in the United States. This disorder consists of a binge and purge cycle where one will eat large amounts of food, and then attempt to get rid of what was just consumed. Some of the main reasons men and women suffer from this disorder is because they feel as though they have lost control, low self-esteem, stress, depression, and trauma. Bulimia is a serious eating disorder that can have negative consequences on an individual’s body both physically and mentally, but with the right help can be treated. Many think that bulimia affects only women. Although the majority of bulimics are women, 85-90 percent, bulimia affects men, women, and all cultures of all ages. It is not known if bulimia is more common in certain cultures. It is said though, that people with different cultures are more common to develop bulimia because it is hard to adapt to several cultures. Minorities may develop this disorder because they are trying to live in two different countries. This disease does cross generations because young children see their mother or other care takers struggle with self image. The signs and symptoms of a person with this disorder can sometimes be hard to identify. They typically have average weight and partake in the binge and purge cycle when they are alone. Although it may be difficult to identify signs and symptoms, if an individual knows what to look for it may be possible…

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