Building Your Own Homemade Tree Stand Essay

2037 Words Nov 25th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever thought of how safe you are in your own tree stand? How well do you think it was built? Is it safe, comfortable, and useful? These are questions you should ask yourself when thinking of building your very own tree stand. Therefore, will include many specific items about making a tree stand and other certain specifications. These will include: treestand safety, supplies, cost, accessories, versatility, and stand location. These are all very important topics you need to think about and learn before thinking about building your own homemade tree stand.
I believe it is most appropriate to begin with safety. Tree stand safety is extremely important! if you are not educated then you could end up dead or seriously injured. To begin with, you should ALWAYS wear a safety harness no matter the type or brand of stand you are hunting in. This needs to be an approved harness and not have any damage or wear present. At all times you should have both feet and hands in contact with the ladder. It is best to use a rope to haul any equipment and firearm/bow into the stand. Never should you climb the stand with a loaded gun or equipment in your hands. This could cause you serious injury or even death. It is also good practice to let someone know where you are hunting, where you parked your vehicle/ATV,what time you are expected to return, and carry some sort of cell phone or GPS device and flare. Tree stands are a great and effective way to hunt, but you must also take the…

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