Building A Number Of Pre Workshop Activities Before Beginning The Risk Management Workshop

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It is important to complete a number of pre-workshop activities before beginning the risk management workshop. One of the first things that needs accomplished is deciding who should be present at the risk workshop. The project’s risk champion, the project manager (PM), and the project sponsor should determine who, from among the project’s key stakeholders and important members of the project team, should attend the risk workshop (Hillson & Simon, 2012). According to Hillson and Simon (2012) between 10 and 16 participants is a sufficient number to have. In the case of Environmental Quality International (EQI) in Siwa, Egypt, the PM, risk champion, and sponsor, along with carefully selected leaders from the community in Siwa, Egyptian state leaders, project financiers, and project team leaders should take part in the workshop. Once the list of risk workshop attendees has been established, the agenda must be set. Hillson and Simon (2012) suggest that the schedule be decided and circulated in advance; prior to the workshop to ensure that all invited attendees are available and are aware of the workshop’s objective and schedule. Through planning and sharing the agenda prior to the workshop, participants may be able to prepare ahead of time by reading pre-briefing information, workshop objectives, the project business case and/or the project charter (Simon & Hillson, 2012). Furthermore, workshop participants can be asked to establish a list of what they consider to be…

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