Buddhism 's Influence On Buddhist Art And Literature, And The Spread Of Knowledge Along Trade Routes

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Buddhism began in India and spread rapidly throughout South Asia, and was eventually able to begin spreading beyond South Asia. Over time, South Asians absorbed many thoughts as well as traditions of outside influences which they applied to their religion, Buddhism and this allowed Buddhism to further develop, more so than ever before. Buddhists mainly stressed the sufferings involved in life and a desire to end these sufferings and to eventually achieve nirvana, which was a state of happiness and peace, where one was released from the effects of karma and rebirth. Nirvana was considered the final goal of the Buddhists. Buddhism was able to develop and spread throughout South Asia due to several factors including the effect of outside influences, the development of Buddhist art and literature, and the spread of knowledge along trade routes.
Several outside influences had an effect on the Buddhist religion. Groups like the Hellenistic, Kushans, and several others influenced the spread and development of Buddhism. The Buddhist people were impressed by the thoughts of the Hellenistic and were able to blend the beliefs of the Hellenistic people with their own ethical beliefs and religious traditions. The combination of the Hellenistic beliefs with their own Buddhist beliefs, allowed the South Asians to profoundly transform what Buddhism would become. The Kushans, who were a horse riding nomadic group of people, had a major influence on the Buddhist religion as well. The…

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