Bsa375 Sr-Kf-013 Week 5 Essay

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Service Request SR-kf-013
Team D
July 6, 2015
Dr. Cheryl Mason

Service Request SR-kf-013


Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), an upscale specialty gourmet foods shop with three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas), has documented interest in the development of a Frequent Shopper Program to allow enhanced information management by tracking customer-purchasing trends. This request is in an effort to boost revenue, increase loyalty, and maximize profitability of KFF’s consumers. Providing a loyalty points system to offer incentives for customer loyalty can be an effective way to collect valuable customer data including future purchasing needs


The scope of the project itself will include
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The primary reasoning behind this strategic ploy is due to the fact that Kudler Fine Foods wants to keep their loyal customers and gain more by introducing this form of marketing to the public. According to an article found on, The article states that “ Sixty two Percent of consumers said they'd switch to grocery rewards if a grocer offering gas rewards gave them the option of a different type of reward; 24% said they'd stay with gas rewards; 8% said they'd opt for travel rewards; 6% chose electronics, housewares or apparel.” (Carter,B. 2015) With that said it is becoming more important today, as the direct competition is out there and there are so many different competitors it is vital to keep the ones that you do have and offer incentives to continue to use your stores and purchase only from Kudler Fine Foods.
In order to open a rewards account a customer will need to provide personal data such as phone numbers, and home/email addresses. Due to the sensitivity of this data and the protection of the customer in mind, considerations need to be made making the customer aware of the intended use of this data. It will be important that the information regarding the use of this data is clearly stated on the application form.
It is important to identify that KFF does not currently have an IT department. They have two computer support specialists whose job duties include making minor repairs to computer

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