Essay about Brutus Is A Hero?

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Brutus Essay I think Brutus is a hero because he didn’t do wrong for himself , he thought about others before he even hesitated of thinking of himself. Brutus was Caesar 's best friend and was loyal to him. Caesar was becoming too powerful and Brutus had to side with someone. He decided to kill Caesar because he thought it was the best for Rome. Though he was treacherous towards Caesar and stabbed him, he still loves Caesar as a best friend. Brutus was deep down inside, a hero. Brutus faced many conflicts making decision but never gave up on Rome. While discussing the problem Brutus says to Cassius, “ That you do love me I am nothing Jealous. What you would work me to, I have some aim” (1.2. 162-163). Brutus knows that Cassius wants him to do, but he wants to make his own decision. Cassius informs Brutus that Caesar is a bad man, “ In several hands, in at his windows throw, As if they came from several citizens, Writings, all tending to the great opinion That Rome holds of his name; wherein obscurely” (1.2. 319-321). Cassius wants Brutus to know that Caesar is bad but people love him so stop him before he becomes king. If he becomes king he has more say, and they can’t rule. He might do bad for Rome. Brutus has to choose what side to take part of, so he tells Cassius this,” I would not Cassius; yet I love him well...The name of honour more than I fear death” ( 1.2. 82-89). No matter if it’s the good or bad side that he takes a chance with, he wants everyone to know he…

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