British American Tobacco Essay

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BAT is the world’s second largest quoted tobacco group by global market share, with brands sold in more than 180 markets. With over 300 brands in the portfolio, BAT makes the cigarette chosen by one in eight of the world’s one billion adult smokers. It holds robust market positions in each of the regions they operate and have leadership in more than 50 markets. BAT has sustained a significant global presence for over 100 years. The business was founded in 1902 and by 1912 it become one of the world’s top dozen companies by market capitalization.

British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Limited (BAT BANGLADESH) has been operating in this region since 1910 and currently
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BATB believes it is important to continue to develop and utilize innovative, differentiated products and to offer consumers added value from their brands.
Their people are aligned with our strategy and we are ever better at executing it. They are rigorous in our recruitment policies, performance management and succession planning. To tackle the challenges ahead BAT BD encourages dialogue, shares knowledge, learns from its mistakes and replicates winning formulas quickly. They collect customer’s feedbacks in various ways and research for the betterment of their product in their modern research and development division.
Contingency planning:
The contingency planning includes competitive situations that include the promotion of the specific product or brand due to increased competition and provision of special offers like indirect gifts. However, government regulations restrict them to directly approach the consumers with motivation.
Define mission n vision statement:
Our vision is to achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry in order to create long term shareholder value. Leadership is not an end in itself, but a company that leads its industry, is the preferred partner for key stakeholders and is seen to have a sustainable business, should be valued more highly.

Assessing organization’s competitive position ( S.W.O.T analysis) :

BAT BD. has the finest human resources and the effective as well as up to date

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