Brazil Essay

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Brazil is the economic leader in South America. It is located in eastern South America bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Almost 85% of South American countries border Brazil. Most of the country is located below the equator and it has a total area of 8,511,965 square kilometers (Brazil Facts) making it the fifth largest country in the world behind the U.S. Brazil has a distinctive topography, in the north and west you can find the Amazon Basin with tropical-like weathers. Brazil is also facing deforestation losing about 52,000 square miles of amazon each year. In the south east of the country you will find its highlands and plateaus. Brazil also has a distinctive climate. The climate is generally classified into five subtypes:
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About half of the citizens in Brazil are white (53.7%), mulatto (mixture of white and black) make up 38.5%, blacks make up about 6.2% and a small percentage of Brazilians include ethnic backgrounds of Japanese Arab, and Amerindian. A popular religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic, 73.6% of Brazilians are considered Roman Catholics. 15.4% of the Brazilians are Protestants, 1.3% are spiritualist, .03% are bantu or voodoo and 9.4% are either unspecified, none or other. The women’s workforce role in Brazil is very impressive it is currently growing and has no signs of decreasing. One of the main reasons women were introduced to the workforce was to supplement family income which eventually led to a decrease in fertility rate and an increase in education. It is estimated that twenty three million female Brazilians are currently involved in the labor workforce, making up 40% or the urban labor and 36% or the rural labor. (Brazilian Women) Brazilians are high context people. Men greet with handshakes and women greet with a kiss on the cheek. Not only in greetings but also when you say goodbye, this is considered very polite and it would be very offensive if it is not done. Arriving late is very common typical tardiness is about 10 to 15 minutes late and if you are invited as a guest into someone’s home it is customary to bring in a small gift to the host. Having dinner or any kind of meal in the day, tend to take hours because a conversation after

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