`` Brave New World `` By Aldous Huxley Essay

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Imagine a world where “everyone belongs to everybody else” (Huxley Aldous, 40). A world where the main purpose is happiness; But nobody cared how it was achieved, the only thing that mattered that it was there. A place where humans don’t reproduce sexually but are all twins, manufactured in a factory. Where people could not be themselves, but follow the rules that they were conditioned to obey. This “Brave New World” might seem ludicrous, however, it very similar to the real world today. To begin with, is the sexual aspect presented in both of these worlds. In “Brave New World” humans no longer have sex to reproduce but for pure entertainment. People are introduced to sex at a very young age and conduct “sexual play” with each other as if it was perfectly normal. “‘We had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes,’ she answered ‘but now it’s switched over to Elementary Class Consciousness’” (Huxley Aldous, 71-72), Schools condition children that sex is for fun and conduct sexual games like “hunt the zipper”. True, the real world’s society does not have young children doing these things; however, Huxley is inferring that young people of the future will be sexually active very early in their lives. In the past you would be looked down upon for having sex at a young age or before being married but now young adolescents are having sex before reaching adult-hood; but in “Brave New World” they embrace it. “Most older teens (17-19) are sexually active, approximately 30% of those…

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