Bram Stoker 's Dracul A Real World Caught Between Horror, Friendship, Love And Death

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Stoker’s “Dracula” employs fanatic descriptions of the various settings that went from London to Transylvania and other parts of Romania. Stoker was extreme to describe the countless and ironic mysteries that unfolded. Stoker delivers extreme details between the vibrant characters. Stoker’s theme seems to demonstrate a real world caught between horror, friendship, love and death. Stoker tells his story with vividly loaded deep aspiration. The most troubling and dramatically described setting was at the Count’s castle located in Transylvania (Stoker 85). His castle was terrifying on the inside but according to Dracula his land was beautiful (Stoker 11). During Harker’s ride to the Count’s castle he should have chosen to go on a much better day like in the day time because Johnathan was so afraid and the horses that carried Johnathan were full of fear because of the mysterious gloomy atmosphere (Stoker 35). The darkness, fear and the hearing of howling wolves are great factors to telegram the work boss and reschedule his business for a better day to work. To visit someone with such darkness in their life gives the first sign of distress and should keep one away a day of terror. “I felt a sort of paralysis of fear” (Stoker 38). When Jonathan made that statement, it should have been a great reason to turn around and go home. Mr. Harker could have made his mind to stay at the Count’s house. Mr. Harker said, “The Count’s courteous welcome seemed to have dissipated his…

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