Boys And Girls By Alice Munro Essays

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The short story called Boys and Girls, written by Alice Munro show society’s unwritten rule about gender inequality. Throughout the story, the narrator plays the role of a tough girl who tries to get her father’s attention by helping out on the fox farm. The narrator’s dad takes the horse out back and shoots it so he can use the meat for the foxes. The father tells her to stay behind, but instead of listening to her father, she decides to talk her little brother, named Laird, into watching their dad shoot the horse. After the dreadful scene of the horse’s death, the narrator feels sorry for having her brother watch the horse get shot and is afraid it would affect him. Incidentally, the horse’s death did not affect her brother; it affected her. When it came time for her father to kill the other horse the narrator tried to help the horse by opening the gate and letting the horse run free. Her brother had seen her let the horse out and told their father what she had done. Her brother points out that she is crying, the father responds never mind and continues with “She’s only a girl” (Munro 147). Also, in the story She overhears her father and mother discuss that she should be in the house more, doing the so-called girls ' jobs. Alice Munro shows in the short story Boys and Girls, gender language issue toward the narrator through labeling, jobs, and power.
In the short story, the father says “she’s only a girl,” which relates to a concept that Mary R. Harmon and Marilyn J.…

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