Essay on Booker T Washington

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Booker T. Washington and the Struggle Against White Supremacy

One of the most powerful black leaders to have ever live, this is what some people argued of Booker T. Washington. With a black mother and white father he never knew, Washington was born into slavery near Hale’s Ford in Franklin County, Virginia. He worked growing up, and then attended Hampton Institute, a school designed to educate African and Native Americans. I don’t think he knew, that anybody knew, how much he would change the world over his lifetime. There were many racists view’s back then. Booker T. Washington learned how to work around whites to get what he wanted, and took many tours around the United States to teach other blacks. Racism has been around for
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To him it represented “ that healthy progressive communal spirit, so necessary to our people…” By 1910, the city had declined from their “black progress and success”. Yet, here he was making his first stop here five years later. March 1, 1912 he spoke at the Opera House in Pensacola. His speech was heard by over two thousand people. There were eight hundred whites in attendance, the rest were black. In his speech he gave encouragement and moral advice. Saying:

“We not only have the advantage in a state like Florida of securing land, but the further advantages of finding plenty of work,…”
“There are few if any members of our race who have spent any considerable length of time in seeking labor, labor seeks them. Our condition is different from laboring people in many parts of the old world where they have to spend days and sometimes months in seeking labor and then are not able to find it.”

Washington left Pensacola for Tallahassee. He made a quick stop in Quincy to visit the Dunbar Graded School. When he arrived in Tallahassee he was greeted with a parade. This parade was led by the FAMC band. FAMC is now Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. The band is now known as the Marching 100. Reading about my school in this book made me even more proud to be a rattler. The parade also consisted of black artisans, professional men, and farmers. Washington gave his speech on “Some of the

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