Booker T. Washington 's ' Up From Slavery ' Essay

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After reading the excerpt taken from “Up from Slavery” which was written by Booker T. Washington in 1901. I have learned about some of Booker T. Washington’s obstacles and journey on his travels to become an educated man of color during his times. Booker T. Washington was a man of color, which was a son of a slave that was. Booker T. Washington was willing to do what was needed in order to survive on his trip. Booker T. Washington was determined to make his journey worth his dedication. He was determined that he could accomplish the goal of receiving a fulfilling education, regardless of the times. Mr. Washington went against the odds of not only people that were white, but as well as the limitations set by people of color upon themselves. Booker T. Washington is an example that regardless of what you may come across you shall not give up.
Booker T. Washington journey began in Franklin, county, where he was born the son of a slave. He did not succeed in a former teacher’s class; however, he was still determined to attend the Hampton Institute. The Hampton Institute, which focus was on agricultural teachings. This was a new school for people of color. Mr. Washington felt at the time no one was actually supporting his efforts of going to school within his home. His mother agreed somewhat, to let him attend the school. Mr. Washington brother helped by giving him some of the funding towards journey. The community helped a lot and Mr. Washington stated that “Perhaps the thing…

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