Booker T. Washington 's Influence On African American Equality

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The Noble Influence “Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed” (Booker T. Washington). Booker T. Washington was the most influential African American activist during the late 19th century. Born a slave during 1856, he passionately fought for a change. The horrifying moments he faces as a slave only increased his motivation to change the future of African Americans. Later in life he proceeded to become the founder of Tuskegee Institute where he taught that the acceptance of discrimination and hard work was the way to gain respect of the white men; the path to equality (Newman, Harvey). Booker T. Washington’s greatest influence toward African American Equality was the Atlanta Exposition Address. Fairs and expositions are held to draw in visitors and investors to the city in order to grow the economy. “In the years following the Civil War, Atlanta’s leaders hosted a series of three cotton expositions that were important to the city’s recovery and economic development. “(Newman, Harvey). During one of these expositions, Booker T. Washington was asked to represent his race by presenting a speech. Little did the city of Atlanta know how well his speech would influence African American Equality. “Many of the freedoms gained during the era of reconstruction were beginning to disappear. It became more and more difficult for African Americans to vote; the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling made segregation the…

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