Book Review Essay

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Tamiwe H. Sichinga
Book Review
The End of Prosperity- Arthur B Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Peter Moore The End of Prosperity is one of most informative book to be read, it has both economic facts, and controversies especially when it come to the country’s economic status --people respond to the incentives. The book or the authors appear to be against the notion of President Obama’s leadership in regards to economic policy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers are more republicans than anything else because it appears they glorify Ronald Reagan as the best leader when it came to economic policy. Yes they do mention Bill Clinton but credit appears to be given more to the former.But even though they are against Obama I do support them on
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Everyone interested in the future of this great nation needs to read this book just to get an overview of how economic policies especially on how the tax system works. It is very simplified. Why this book, well read as it is America if not careful will be soon be worse than the 1929 Depression. Why would this happen the book states out current affairs such as how tax rates on investments are sky high, how would one invest? The book also states the country being one with the highest corporate taxes. As if that is not enough the federal budget is sprawling out of control, and neither party is even half serious about halting the multi-trillion dollar liability that could increase an ocean of future debt and taxes. This goes back to the beginning remarks of this review. The idea of taxing the rich is not the answer to this whole mess as this is what is forcing businesses of-shore. But even though the authors appear to be against Obama‘s economic views they are right on not imposing high taxes on the rich. People always find ways to pay fewer taxes so that is not a solution. I maybe not the most intelligent person to understand taxes and how a country’s economy really ought to be structured but as the book states clearly some decisions made by our leaders are so frightening and could lead to the collapse of the world’s richest

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