Essay about Book Review : ' The Coffee Pot '

1346 Words Jul 21st, 2015 null Page
Lori fidgeted with the coffee pot. She was trying to rearrange her mind; she had gotten so focused on completing her novel that Mary and Anne were in the kitchen with her and Drew. She had to fix that. She took several deep breaths and thought about coffee until she could pour it up. “I didn’t except to see you again,” Lori said handing him a mug with Heath Bar creamer, just the way he liked it. “I didn’t think I was coming back, but it was rude to handle things the way I did.” Lori looked at him. Drew broke eye contact, suddenly finding the need to study the brown liquid in his mug. “Is it something else, Drew?” He took a deep breath. “You said you were scare,d because I felt so sure.” He studied his mug for a long moment before he continued. Finally he cleared his throat and met her glaze. “I wasn’t. I thought you were. I was leaning on you and my foundation crumbled when I saw that you weren’t sure either. I don’t want this to be over.” “I don’t either.” They sat in the silence for a while. “Where do we go from here?” Drew finally asked. Jordan had come up with the answer. “We finish my blog.” “Huh… don’t you think there is a more normal way to handle this?” “Normal is knowing all this before you get engaged and I need this. If we go on, if we don’t, I need to understand and this is the best way for me to find out. I would like to do this together, but if it is not the best way for you to understand, find your own path.” “I don’t know where to…

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