Essay Book Review : ' Sh Shinya '

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"Sh-Shinya..." he stammered, shutting his eyes tight as he tried to gather himself.
The beg in his voice roused a desire in the Enforcer and he began to sit up, one hand still in Ginoza 's trousers while the other pushed them both up. Once he 'd gotten himself propped against the arm of his couch, he pulled his own underwear down, exposing himself behind the Inspector. He rubbed up against Ginoza 's still clothed ass and watched to see how he 'd react. Ginoza frowned but was still terribly flush and pulled his boxers off, letting them drop to the floor beside the sofa. Kōgami watched him as he picked up the Enforcer 's hand and brought it to his lips. Ginoza spread the Enforcer 's fingers and placed Kōgami 's index deep inside his mouth. Kōgami sealed his lips together as he felt a sensation travel down from his finger. Ginoza watched him from over his glasses, now pulling Kōgami 's second finger into his mouth. The Enforcer inhaled sharply, his toes curling as he was aroused. He didn 't remember this from their old encounters so he had to assume Ginoza had done a bit of research in preparation. This was brutal as it felt both pleasurable but unsatisfying at the same time, only heightening his need for more carnal affairs. He wanted to move on but also didn 't want it to stop.
Only when his fourth finger was about to join the group did Kōgami let it end. Swiftly, his large hand found the back of Ginoza 's neck and pulled him closer, his other hand pulling out of his mouth to…

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