Book Review: Self-Made Man By Norah Vincent

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Ciara Campos
Sociology 200
Kathryn Coleman
January 17, 2016

Self-Made Man

Norah Vincent is an American columnist who wrote the book Self-Made Man and many other great books. The book is about a woman, Norah who goes undercover as a man who wanted to experience how life was for the opposite sex. Just like her book cover, it shows two photographs, Norah dressed as herself, a woman who looks confident and the other disguised a man. In this book, Norah spent a year and a half disguised as her male alter ego, Ned, discovering what men are like when they aren’t around women. First, dressed as Ned, she signed him up in a bowling league, a sales job, a men’s therapy group, as well as the dating scene. Ned has a five o’clock shadow, a crew cut, and
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It was Ned’s and Norah’s first time going to a strip club, Vincent described how there’s so much different misogynist behavior going on. Vincent kept describing how in the strip clubs she’s gone to she noticed how most men that go are usually in pain and hide their insecurities which then becomes a bad behavior to affect the strippers, women in the clubs. Norah going as Ned really depressed her in going to the clubs and just the whole situation made her really think what kind of terrible scene it is, it made her feel sick. She noticed how most of the men kept talking about how they are always here and that it’s something males are ashamed to even tell to their girlfriends/wives. Norah then talked about how males will always have the responsible role in the family or marriage but that they’re at odds with the instincts that come with the male sexdrive. In these clubs, Ned didn’t see that type of connection with the women in the clubs. Instead she saw how the female sexuality was going to waste, she didn’t see these girls enjoying any of it and all the men in the club didn’t take notice at all. Some women pretended to care and Ned wasn’t surprised at all, those women were just trying to survive on their own. These men had so many shameful sexual urges towards these women and they weren’t afraid to show it since they all thought they were in a fantasy world. A fantasy world, where their reality doesn’t exist, where these women don’t know they are married and have their own children, daughters almost as young as other strippers as well. By mentioning men’s sex drive then comes the next topic how there’s an obvious different attitude between both sex found in men and women. Men always want the fast and physical kind of sex while women want to actually connect to an emotional level with their

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